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Etiquette to follow during a conference call

Posted on October 25, 2017 at 1:36 pm by Eagle Admin

Have you ever heard of meetings being conducted using mobile phones or landlines?

Most likely your answer is YES.  Every individual has been on an audio conferencing at least once. The cultural shift in work and drastic change in the technology has made conference meetings a common occurrence. Presently, more and more people are opting for meetings on a conference call compared to sitting in a boardroom and having a face to face meeting.

Having a conference call doesn’t mean that you are sitting in the comfort of your home and having a conference call.  It can be attended to from anywhere, whether it be from an airport, sitting in a train station while driving, or if you’re on vacation, and yes, even from the building next door.

Though the internet is filled with write-ups explaining the etiquettes of attending a meeting, or how to make a conference call more effective, but what about the mobile meetings which have become the new face of corporate meetings? What are the conference meeting etiquettes?

Here are a few tips for your next Audio Conferencing meetings:

  • Pay attention to your location:  Even when you are on a personal call you avoid distraction and loud noises.  Why not do the same during your conference calls. Try to stay away background noises to avoid distraction, and if that is not possible at least try to back-up against a wall. Try being indoors during the meeting and if it’s unavoidable then at least make sure that you are not in a windy spot. Meetings are usually pre-planned so try your best to find a good reception and a location.
  • The mute option is there for a reason. Even if your location is perfect for your meeting, you can never be sure that there won’t be any unexpected noises. So don’t be the reason to distraction and being annoying to those who are on the conference call, be respectful to all, whether they are your colleagues or business partners. Use the mute button if you are not planning on speaking and you can unmute whenever you have to speak.
  • Safety always comes first: When you are in a meeting, DON’T DRIVE.  Stop your car at a rest area when you are attending the meeting. Remember that your safety should never be compromised, so please exercise good judgment
  • Let everyone speak: Don’t speak when someone is already speaking.  If you need to interrupt that person and get peoples attention back to you, just give a signal that you would like to speak and wait till the speaker stops speaking then start your conversation or lecture.
  • Use headphones: Headphones are an absolute must during teleconferencing meetings. Headphones make it easy to hear and be heard by others easier and clearer.
  • Pay attention: It is very important to pay attention while on a conference call.  It is very easy to get distracted because you are not face to face in a boardroom meeting with the callers. So your focus can be easily shifted to something else. When you are attending the audio conferencing meeting, give 100% of your attention to what is being presented and if there are actions that you need to take care of.  If you don’t pay 100% attention than you cannot give your feedback and the whole call can be a waste.

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