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Audio Conferencing: Changing The Face of Business Communication!

Owning and running a business in this highly competitive world is a tough task. To accomplish where the profit is coming from depends highly on how much money and time is being wasted. In this present era no one wants to wait for anything, especially with the enhancement of technology where everything is at our fingertips.
If someone told us to travel miles away only to attend a meeting or a conferences, it becomes a dreadful nightmare, which results in changing not only our daily routines but also our future plans. The need to avoid traveling, so our time can be used more productively is a crucial part of our business. When we don’t travel, we save time and money. Which means that the customer acquisition rate becomes smaller and with the time you saved, you can be use it for converting more prospective into paying customers.

With the introduction of audio conferencing in the business world proved to be a revolution, a blessing for all business owners. The impact of audio conferencing is well-known to those who have used audio conferencing even once in the span of their business history. In all reality, audio conferencing has changed the face of business communication. Audio conferencing is a great way to build relationships with the clients as well as employees, get immediate information, make instant discussions and make immediate decisions.

The best thing about audio teleconferencing is that it is easy to start and is available for free, but for a limited number of participants. To make it more impactful, you can get the service of audio conferencing from some renowned teleconferencing service provider who can make the service available at lowest prices.

The first challenge that almost all companies face is, choosing a service provider from the plethora of options available.

Here are some pointers on how to choose an audio conferencing product that suits your needs.

1. How can you make a quality, clear and high volume confence by eliminating any background noise?
2. Can the call be recorded and transferred?
3. Will the call be safe and secure/private and if so at what extent?
4. The maximum number of participants attending the call.
5. Cost efficiency.

One of the most popular teleconferencing service providers in India is Eagle conferencing. We offer audio conferencing services to major players in India and also to individuals and small businesses.

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Audio conferencing and its benefits

Audio conferencing benefits

Communication is very essential in keeping a business firm running. Lack of adequate communication between employers, employees and customers will lead to the fall of any business organization. For this reason, corporate firms remain on the lookout for new technologies that are very effective and efficient in the communication sector.

When it comes to communication, audio conferencing is such technology. Audio conferencing is a technology that allows group of persons effectively communicate from different geographical location at the same time. This technology helps businesses across the world keep in touch with their staff and customers effortlessly; all you need to utilize this technology is your telecommunication device and pin.

Here are the benefits audio conferencing system offers.


Audio conferencing is cost-efficient
With audio conferencing system, you do not need to travel always for business meetings; you can participate in such meetings from your office and save yourself the financial cost. Audio conferencing system comes at a very affordable rate and offers a high audio quality. Hence, interested firms who utilize this communication tool are able to communicate with their staff and clients smoothly without any tech hitch.

Audio conferencing is very convenient
Audio conferencing system is versatile. Firms that utilize audio conferencing are able to connect with their staff and clients through any communication device, from a landline to a payphone or PC.  Hence, you are giving the chance to stay informed on-the-go, in the office, or at home. The audio conferencing system is also easy to set up so you do not need to be a techy to have it running.

Basic telephone technology is all you need
Yes, you do not need to enroll for a new skill acquisition before you are able to utilize this essential business tool. The audio conferencing system when used hosts a conference bridge in which your entire call participants can connect to with their number and pin.

A very  secured communication platform
A good audio conferencing provider ensures their clients enjoy a very secure communication channel. You can make your calls without any risk of the content of your conversation falling into the wrong hands.

Ability to record your conversations
Another feature a good audio conferencing provider makes available for their clients is a recorder. This audio recorder enables their customers’ record conference conversations and downloads them for future use. This way, clients are able to make more meaningful decision from their calls.


Eagle Conferencing, is an Audio Conferencing provider that understand the communication needs of their clients. They run on a customer satisfactory policy, and as such, have many customer-friendly features in their platform.

Firstly, new clients are given a free trial to allow them to rate the quality of their services. Utilizing their services is straightforward; you head to their website and sign up. Here is a list of some of their cool feature:

No nonsense conferencing
As part of their goal to ensure their clients receive the best while utilizing their services, Eagle Conferencing offers their clients a high-quality audio performance to avoid miscommunication between their client and his recipients. They also offer an exceedingly secured communication line, to ensure their clients conversations do not fall into the wrong ears. The genuineness of their no-nonsense style of conferencing has widen their client database from fortune-500 companies, government organizations to small corporation.

High quality conferencing equipment
Eagle Conferencing offers its clients the chance to utilize its high-end conferencing equipment that is equals to the ones used by major Telecom Carriers. Hence, clients are left with nothing to worry about when it comes to the amount of participants Eagle Conferencing can hold simultaneously.

No need for reservations
Clients who utilize Eagle Conferencing are not bothered with the issue of when their conference call can hold. You can feel free to call up your staffs and clients anytime; the platform is ever ready to help its customers achieve their communication goals.

You get an instant activation
You do not need to wait hours or days before you get to start utilizing Eagle Conferencing system. The moment you sign up, you are given two pins for your accounts: the moderator or host pin, and the participants pin. Once you have the pins, you can place your calls immediately.

No heeding charges
Yes, when you utilize Eagle Conferencing tool for your conference communication, you are assured a straightforward budget: no set-up fees and no hidden charges.

24 hours support
Clients of Eagle Conferencing are given a 24/7 customer support service to help them walk through any challenges they might have encountered. There is also an android app made available on Play-store by Eagle Conferencing to ensure their clients can work and communicate while on transit.

Learn about all the features that Eagle Conferencing offers, SIGN UP TODAY for a live demo, and we’d be more than happy to give you a tour of our product.

The importance of integrating technology in the deep roots of your business!

Integration technology drives communication and communication is the path to business success. In fact, it’s hard to imagine any business that has not benefited from the integration technology.  Even something as hands on as the retail shops, planners, researchers, and multi level marketers.

Nowadays the formula for business success is communication, communication and yet communication. You can drive integration with communication.  Without the backbone of communication with integration, a business is not going to succeed.

The millennials have witnessed a drastic change in today’s the work culture. Amongst all, the hassle of staying ahead in the profit race, where each company wants to win the competition and leave their competitors far behind. The most important tool in staying ahead of your competition is, team collaboration.

The world became global and we all became globalized.  Communications with the new technology made this possible where no matter how far you are you are still connected making the world a smaller place. The days, of owning a brick and mortar store, are long gone, where they were forced to be confined to the boundaries of their states, region or country. But now more and more companies are turning global spreading their wings across the globe in various countries and continents. Because of this globalization, teams, of one single company, are based in different parts of the world in different time zones.

Though globalization has worked wonders for all, yet it has created a few problems, out of which team collaboration is the biggest one. Even by using a varied range of communication tools and methods yet the best result is not achieved. Companies are not satisfied and they need to achieve more and faster.

It’s a common analysis that majority of the people coming to work, give their hundred percent and outrun the others. In order to get the most out of the employees, it’s important to equip them with the best tools. The better advanced the collaboration tools are, the better the outcome of the team work.

Companies don’t want to have any communication issues.  Every company wants state of the art technology and communication so they have best performance from the employees. To avoid these issues, Eagle Conferencing has brought the solution of conference calling, through which you can have the meeting with hundreds of people irrespective of their time zones or where they are currently located.

What’s needed in the present age is a persistent collaboration that provides easy access communication to anyone, anywhere on any device.

Meetings are important but so are the preparation and follow through from the meeting. Eagle Conferencing helps team members located in different time zones to continue to work together, picking up the baton where their teammates had left off, and make it a seamless transition and an easy task to avoid any inconsistencies.

The Eagle Conferencing platform of audio conferencing helps in connecting physical and virtual meeting spaces so that team members can continue working together without feeling overwhelmed in a single conference room.

Isn’t it about time to integrate technology into your business and giving more freedom to the people using the right collaboration tools?

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