Advantage of EagleConferencing
How to manage your conference
  • What is audio conferencing?

  • What is a conference call service provider?

  • Why do I need audio conferencing?

  • What are the primary benefits of audio conferencing?

  • Why do I need a conference call service provider? Why can’t I use my own PABX?

  • What are some of the common business uses for audio conferencing?

  • What is the minimum contract period?

  • Who is the moderator?

  • Who are participants and attendees?

  • How does a participant call into the conference line?

  • What should be done to avoid echoing in the conference call?

  • How do I mute and un-mute during a call?

  • How do I increase of decrease the volume on all lines?

  • Can the moderator end the call before scheduled?

  • How can I change the conference line to lecture or listen-only mode?

  • Why should you choose Eagle Conferencing over competition?

  • Is there a difference between your equipment and that used by competition?

  • If there is no difference in equipment, why does the competition charge more than Eagle?

  • Do you provide local dial-in numbers like Reliance or TTSL?

  • Can you provide operator services?

  • What is your core strength?

  • Can I change my package or scheme in the middle of the month?

  • What is your billing cycle?