No non sense conferencing

No non sense conferencing

The best evidence of our quality resides in our growing list of clients. From Fortune-500 companies and the government to direct-sales and small corporations, those who need no-nonsense conferencing trust Eagle. With high-end conferencing equipment similar to that used by AT&T and other Telecom Carriers, we have you covered – whether your company needs to host 25-participant meetings on a daily basis or large, event-based calls for 250.
Located in the Centre of Technology

Located in the Centre of Technology

Our corporate sales offices and operations are located at the International Technology Park (ITPL) in Whitefield, Bangalore. Outfitted with the latest fiber-optic technology, ITPL provides a redundant, continuous power supply. Multiple fiber providers, with built-in redundancy, allow our service to continue without hiccups – so you always have a clear connection when you need it.
Flexible Services. Total Freedom.

Flexible Services. Total Freedom.

Are you ready to enhance the productivity of your business? We are pleased to offer guaranteed service, when you sign up! In addition, all our services are offered on a month-to-month basis, allowing you to have total freedom. Whenever you need us, we’re here to help.
Get in touch

Get in touch

At Eagle Conferencing, it’s the little things that separate us from the competition. Contact us for teleconferencing solutions that bring your business together.

Within India: 080-6722-3300 / 080-6530-6655
Outside India: + 91 80 6722 3300 / + 91 80 6530 6655
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Bangalore/Mumbai Toll Numbers
High quality servers
Live conference control on web
Maximum uptime
Android app for free and interactive mobile website
Conference recording & playback
Most advance option for conferencing
24*7 customer support
Instant signup
Call report after the conference and for the day
Telephone controls
Record Conference (Toggle on/off)
Record Your Conference
Playback start/stop (Toggle on/off)
Playback start stop
Lecture Mode (Toggle on/off)
Place the call in lecture mode and mute all the participant once to speak without interruptions
Mute/Unmute (Toggle on/off)
In between the conference you can mute and unmute your line.
Security Mode (Toggle on/off)
For confidentiality and privacy of the conference. Once you lock the bridge no one can get in. For example if someone gets disconnected accidentally they cannot get into the call. This feature allows you to toggle on/off.
Attendee Count
At any time, the conference moderator can tell how many callers are on the call.
Help command
End Call
Hang up from conference call
Confirm Hangup
Mute/Unmute toggle
In between the conference you need to put in mute? Go ahead nobody listen to you.


IT Consulting
3 For Free
3 Participants
Unlimited Usage

Corporate Packages
For inquiries email us

Eagle Conferencing extends its support to businesses by offering a wide range of IT Consulting Services.

With the best in class infrastructure and facilities we have in place partnering with Eagle for your IT Consulting requirements will surely prove to be a step towards success.

Eagle is located in one of Asia’s, best IT Parks ITPB , International Technology Park, Bangalore. A Magnificent campus with thousand of IT employees working forms an ideal environment to associate with. It has the best facilities one can think of for their business requirements, redundant supply of power and premise owned power backup facilities, ready availability of all the top telecom players for data and telecom requirements. In house Mall for the employees to eat out and have relaxing time.

At the same time, employees and Business Security is at the utmost, there is no fear of any kind of political or communal unrest.

Eagle has 2 separate premises within ITPB, with fully furnished and ready to use workstations, High Speed Data Connectivity with multiple telcos.

With Eagle, Scalability and flexibility is the key, we understand that every clients needs and requirements differ widely hence, we customize and cater to our clients based on your needs.

Contact us and discuss your requirements, we will work up the best solution for you!


We specialize and have ready to start pool of talent in the following fields:
PHP, Dot Net, C++, ROR (Ruby on Rails), etc.
Offshore Development Centers
Business IT Support
Virtual Extended Office

Reservation-less Calls:
No scheduling, no rescheduling, and no end time!
Unparallelled Service:
Our state-of-the-art full featured service is what sets us apart
Instant Activation:
Once you sign up, you are provided with two pin numbers for each account: one for the moderator/host and one for participants. Start making calls immediately! Our state-of-the-art, full-featured service is what sets us apart.
No Set-Up Fees or Hidden Costs:
Stay within budget with a straightforward rate structure that keeps your interests in mind.


Have a question? Are you ready to bring forward-thinking conferencing solutions to your business? Get in touch. We look forward to serving all of your conferencing needs.
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We Are In ITPL


Advantage of EagleConferencing
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